Name: Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull

Date of birth: February 14th

Place of birth: Stavanger, Norwegen

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Eyes: blue

Hair: blonde

Height: 1,67 m

Parents: Ove H. Espenæs / Liv E. Davidsen

Siblings: Carmen Elise Espenæs

Maritual status: married with Alexander, mother of Leon Alexander


What is the best thing about being a singer?

I can realize myself through my music and, moreover, I can try to give my listeners positive moments, too. I am so lucky to have a job that really is my hobby. Music is a very personal way of expression for me, I work up all my feelings, my thoughts and dreams through her. At concerts I enjoy the direct connection to the audience, that’s what gives me live energy.


Could you imagine working in another profession?

Frequently, I considered myself to start up a music kindergarten. In Norway, this is a common institution where children are introduced in a joyful way to music. Simultaneous, it demands their mental and physical development. It also would be so much fun to write books for children and to translate them into different languages. Until I gave birth to Leon, I have worked as a teacher in a youth school for occupational continuation. I loved this job, as I could not only give lessons about the topics of the schedule; moreover, I tried to show up perspectives and advices for the lives of my young pupils. The definite highlight of the year was the excursion with my class to Mastersound Studio. Here, we wrote a song together, recorded it and produced a single. I am still in contact with some of my former pupils.


What moments in your life are worth to remember?

Definitely, the best moment in my life was when I held my little son for the first in my arms. And of course, my wedding was wonderful and I was extremely happy when Alex gave me his consent.


What do you need to be lucky?

My family, nature and inner balance.


What do you think about?

I am a very positive person. That means, I do not bother myself with thinking about negative experiences in my past. I learn from my mistakes but I don’t waste time in hating someone who harmed me. More, I prefer to consider what I can do for others. One thing that occupies me is the question why people are so cruel towards nature and children. I have a very good memory and will never forget the best moments of my life and lovely people. And also, my favourite book, “The Celestine Prophecies” by James Redfield, makes me reflecting every time I read it.


Describe the peron Liv!

The first thing that comes in my mind is happy. I also think I am a very relaxed and balanced person. I enjoy being a mother and an artist, it’s the perfect combination. But also as a mother there is still stuck the little girl inside me who loves to laugh and to have fun.


What is your perfect day like?

Although I am a passionate early riser it is great to sometimes sleep my fill. Then, I love to have a good breakfast with my family and to go for a walk in our woods, hearing the birds’ singing. This all makes the day perfect from the start up. Moreover, I love sports in every way. No matter, if it snows or the sun burns at 40 degrees, I go skiing, swimming, jogging or do yoga. In the evening I like to watch a good movie, like “The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain” or „The Big Blue“. These are films that make me dive into another world. I go to sleep in a good mood when I know that I the day was successful and I reached something, maybe in our studio.


What brings you motivation in your life?

I recognized that it is important to take something out of every single thing that happens, I always try to go new ways with these experiences. Life is so interesting and diverse, I want to know every of its’ aspects.